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Car accidents and Medical malpractice
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The attorneys at Masayuki Honda International Law Office have extensive experience in handling personal-injury-related legal issues such as traffic accidents, medical malpractice and travel related issues. We provide thorough legal assistance to both Japanese citizens abroad and foreign citizens in Japan.


Traffic accidents and medical malpractice are highly specialized fields. Currently, there are few lawyers in Japan who have the knowledge and expertise to deal with medical terminology in English but also have a vast network of connection with foreign lawyers and medical personnel.


Whether it is for Japanese citizens abroad or foreign citizens in Japan, having legal issues in a foreign jurisdiction all the more complicates the cases. Language barrier will be a major hindrance to effective communication such as that with the insurance company, police officers and medical personnel, all of which are necessary to ensure the smooth processing of a given case. A lack of proper claim for compensation may even subject one to secondary damages.


For those who chose to receive treatment in their own residential country, foreign medical records will be required to be evaluated by and in adherence to the Japanese standards. In certain cases, communication with foreign medical personnel regarding such adjustment may be necessary.


We are able to address the above-mentioned issues and provide effective legal solutions based on our expertise and experience  as well as to utilize the networks we have built with foreign lawyers and medical personnel over the years. We strive to have your personal injuries adequately compensated at reasonable rate under a flexible payment plan. For any further inquiries, reservation or consultation, please contact us through phone call, email or the inquiry form as listed below. 

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