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Profile of Attorney

Profile of Attorney

Representative Attorney

Masayuki Honda Attorney at Law


 Waseda University L.L.B.                                   Admitted Bar, Japan, 1997.                                 Member of Tokyo Bar Association.                        

Study Abroad

 Visiting Scholar, University of California, Berkeley, 2001.

Relevant Experience


 Member, Tokyo Bar Association Committee on the   Protection of Foreigner's Human Rights. 

 Legal Counselor, Bar Association (Civil, Consumer and   Family Matters). 


 Member, Judicial Survey Mission of Japan Federation of   Bar Association to Cambodia and Lao People's   Democratic Republic.

 April, 2004

 Adviser, Electronic Commerce Promotion Council of   Japan.

 Registered Bankruptcy Trustee, Tokyo District Court.


 Legal Counselor, Japan Federation Bar Association   Traffic Accident Consultation Center.


 Legal Counseloron Traffic Accident Law, Adachi City   Office.

 April, 2014-Present

 Registered Lawyer, Japan Federation of Bar Association   Lawyer's List for Lawyer Referral Service for Hague   Convention Cases.  


 Appointed lawyer, Japan Federation of Bar Association   Legal Access Center.


 Registered lawyer at U.S. Embassy & Consulates in   Japan, British Embassy in Japan, Australian Embassy   Tokyo.

 Registered Lawyer, Japan Federation of Bar Association   Lawyer's List for Lawyer Referral Service for Hague   Convention Cases.



 Japanese / English 


Toshimi Hiwatari Attorney at Law


Sophia University B.A

1997 April Apointted as Public Prosecutor 

 (Working at Tokyo, Chiba, Yokohama and other district's Public Prosecutor Office for 15 years.)

2012 June Member of Tokyo Bar Association (Admitted Bar, Japan, 2012)

Career Highlights

1997 (April) Apointted as Public Prosecutor (Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office )

1997 (June) Assined to Chiba District Public Prosecutors Office

1998 (April) Assined to Maebashi District Public Prosecutors Office

2000 (April) Assined to Tokyo  District Public Prosecutors Office

2001 (April) Assined to Yokohama District Public Prosecutors Office

2002 (April) Assined to Tokyo Legal Affairs Bureau, Litigation Division as representative prosecutor  

2005 (April) Assined to Yokohama District Public Prosecutors Office

2007 (April) Assined to Ministry of Justice, Secretariat Section, Civil Litigation Division

2010 (April) Assined to Tokyo District Public Prosecutors Office

2012 (April) Resigned Public Prosecutors Office

2012 (June) Registerd as Attorney at Law (Member of Tokyo Bar Association)


Japanese / English


Nagiumi Washio Attorney at Law


Kaisei High School 

Keio University, Department of Politics, Faculty of Law, LL.B

The University of Tokyo, School of Law, Enrolled

Passed the preliminary bar examination

Legal Training and Research Institute(New 74)

Member of Tokyo Bar Association (Admitted Bar, Japan, 2022)


Japanese / English

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Profile of Attorney 

Masayuki Honda
Attorney at Law

Waseda University, L.L.B
UC Barkley Visiting Scholar

Bar Admitted 1997            Member of Tokyo Bar Association

Japanese /English


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